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Judge Rinder prank called Benedict Cumberbatch about diarrhoea tablets

And now we know which mobile provider The Cumbers favours

Published: Friday, 16th December 2016 at 1:17 pm

We would do almost anything to have Benedict Cumberbatch’s mobile number. And if we did have it, we certainly wouldn’t call him up to talk about diarrhoea.


In this amazing clip from Alan Carr’s Happy Hour, the TV judge gets told by the cheeky presenter that he has to call someone in his contacts book and tell them that he’s been approached to be the face of a new brand of anti-diarrhoea tablets because of the faces he pulled while competing on Strictly Come Dancing.

After sighing, Rinder says “I was going to call Benedict but I’m not sure he’ll answer.”

He then scrolled through his contact book (we spied Jeremy Kyle in there. That would have been brilliant too, FYI) before he did indeed settle on dialling ‘Benedict’.


After a few rings, annoyingly it went to voicemail. But what a voicemail message it was.


We just wish we could’ve been there when Benedict gave his pal a call back. Oh well. If nothing else, we now know that The Cumbers is on Vodafone (we could've sworn it'd be O2).


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