Johnny Vegas went on Pottery Throwdown and made a teapot in 60 seconds

He does have a ceramics degree, after all


If you pop round to Johnny Vegas’s house, he might be able to make you not just a pot of tea – but the actual pot itself.


The Great Pottery Throwdown fans may have been wondering why Johnny Vegas was a guest judge on the BBC2 show on Thursday night, but the comedian very quickly proved himself by throwing together an actual functioning teapot in 60 seconds.

Little-known fact: Vegas actually holds a third-class degree in ceramics from Middlesex University, and is a former pupil of Throwdown judge Kate Malone. “I was constantly saying ‘you’re really clever but you’re not doing anything,’” Malone said. “He ended up getting a low grade, and has been trying to get his own back on me ever since.”

Having turned up to challenge the contestants to make a teapot in under a minute, Vegas showed off his own skills by crafting a body, lid, spout and handle and magicking up a clay masterpiece without breaking a sweat.

Well, masterpiece may be a bit strong, but when it came to testing whether it functioned as an actual teapot, Vegas’s creation was a winner.


The Great Pottery Throwdown final airs on Thursday 23rd March at 8pm on BBC2