After almost four months of exercising, Joe Wicks is hosting his last lockdown workout tutorial for children today.


The body coach and fitness instructor has been hosting daily 30-minute sessions on YouTube from Monday to Friday ever since the start of lockdown in a bid to replace the PE lessons that the nation's children were missing out on.

He started to scale down the project in June when some schools returned and will now retire the workouts for good, having revealed the news last week on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

Wicks said, "Well 18 weeks in, 18 solid weeks with no breaks, and I’ve loved it, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

"We’ve done 75 million views globally and I spent the day yesterday in my office reading letters. I’ve had piles of letters and parcels and cards from children, and it was the most emotional day I’ve ever had in my life."

He added, "I’ve actually stopped to realise the impact I’ve had on, not just kids, but like 70-year-old people living on their own, and people with autism and disabilities, so I was really emotional.

"I burst into tears and I know that seems intense, but I hadn’t stopped to acknowledge what I’ve actually done.

"I just think it’s me in my living room with a camera and that’s it. But these wonderful letters and drawings and pictures, it’s really moved me."

Throughout the run of workouts Wicks' project proved very popular with the instructor winning significant praise for keeping children active.

In late April and early May he was briefly out of action after a fall from his bike which left his wrist bruised and fractured a bone in his hand, leading to an operation in hospital.

During that period Wicks enlisted the help of his wife, Rosie Jones, who replaced him in demonstrating moves throughout the live 40 minute workout.


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