JK Rowling accidentally tagged the wrong Robert Galbraith and now everyone’s asking him Harry Potter questions

The author was promoting her new Cormoran Strike novel when she inadvertently drew a

Today should have been all about Robert Galbraith and the latest Cormoran Strike novel, Career of Evil, for JK Rowling, but a simple Twitter mishap has sent her right back down the Harry Potter route.


Or rather, sent Robert Galbraith down it instead.

But the wrong Robert Galbraith. A Brazillian Robert Galbraith. Who probably has no clue why his mentions are suddenly exploding.

Rowling was tweeting about the next novel from her pseudonym Galbraith when she accidentally tagged the unwitting Brazillian Twitter user. And as soon as she realised her mistake, she was quick to rectify it and warn off her fervent followers.

Except the plan backfired, and they started firing Harry Potter questions back at both Rowling and the unwitting tweeter.

Giving them both a grilling about more obscure characters…

And they’re even asking DEEP questions about her characters’ identities…

Who IS Sirius Black though? Really? Y’know, like deep down inside?

God help Galbraith if he ever logs into his Twitter account again. We can’t imagine he’d be expecting that many mentions, even after two years outside the Twittersphere…


I say Rob, any chance you can tell us whether The Cursed Child is a prequel or not while you’re at it?