Presenter and farmer Jimmy Doherty and his vast collection of animals are back with Channel 4's Autumn at Jimmy's Farm.


The four-part series, which is currently in full-swing, has so-far followed Jimmy as he prepares his farm and wildlife park for the colder months of the year while the arrival of new and unpredictable animals has kept him and his team on their toes.

But where is Jimmy's farm based? And can members of the public visit it? Here's everything you need to know about where Autumn at Jimmy's Farm is filmed.

Where is Jimmy's farm?

Autumn at Jimmy's Farm is filmed at Jimmy's Farm & Wildlife Park, located in Ipswich.

The farm, which is run by presenter and farmer Jimmy Doherty and his wife Michaela Furney, contains livestock and is also home to a wildlife park, restaurant, tea rooms, farm shop and a butchery.

If you're a big fan of Jimmy and his animals, you can now visit the farm and wildlife park, which re-opened to the public in June. For details on how to book tickets and new conditions in light of COVID-19, check out the farm's website.

How was Autumn at Jimmy's Farm filmed?

Autumn at Jimmy's Farm was filmed during the coronavirus pandemic, which meant that the crew had to adapt to various COVID-related restrictions.

Speaking exclusively to, Jimmy Doherty said: "It was really interesting actually because lots and lots of things we couldn't do and working with the crew, making sure they were all safe so what happened was that the whole crew had to move into the farm."

"They all lived in the car park in their own winnebagos and camper-vans, all separated and then they all had their own separate tables in the restaurant isolated, the restaurant was closed."

He added: "Of course you can film from quite afar and social distancing wherever you can. When it comes to working on a farm or wildlife park, social distancing is important to us but for the workers some times, it's not always completely practical, for example, say a wallaby escapes and you have to restrain it, you can't really say 'I can't help you because of social distancing', but for crew, it was learning a whole new way of working."

Will there be another series of Jimmy's Farm?

While Autumn at Jimmy's Farm is still airing on Channel 4 at the moment, Jimmy recently hinted at another follow-up series revolving around the farm.

"I think there possibly will be [another series]," he told, "because people love to see what happens next because you'll see the breeding of our sheep this year, the tapir being pregnant and people like to see what happens next."


Autumn at Jimmy's Farm is available to watch on All4. To find out what else is on in the meantime, check out our TV Guide.