Jeremy Corbyn’s good-humoured appearance on The Last Leg impresses (most) viewers

Labour leader arrives in a white Bentley for an appearance on the Channel 4 show alongside Russell Crowe to discuss the European referendum, death stares...and drain covers


Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance on Channel 4’s The Last Leg on Friday night sent Twitter into a meltdown.


The Labour leader made a grand entrance at the start of the show in a tuxedo, bow tie and fur coat in a gentle nod David Cameron’s jibes about his appearance.

In February the Prime Minister had told him to “buy a proper suit and do up your tie” in the Commons and he did just that:

Appearing on the sofa alongside Hollwyood star Russell Crowe he was quizzed by host Adam Hills on his hobbies which include collecting pictures of drain covers and memorising train timetables.

He also revealed that his enthusiasm for staying in the European Union was about “seven and seven and half out of ten”.

Crowe also took him to task for refusing to engage David Cameron in small talk during the recent State Opening of Parliament.

“If, theoretically, you become the leader of this country you can’t just look elsewhere,” boomed the Gladiator star.

But Corbyn seemed to enjoy himself:

He even treated viewers to his famous “death stare”:

Viewers were impressed on the whole:


With, of course, the occasional exception: