If you thought Lucy and Jamie were done and dusted, you thought wrong. The duo's tempestuous relationship flared up yet again on this week's Made in Chelsea as Jamie continued to pursue Riley, much to the chagrin of his ex-girlfriend.


After the new lovebirds consummated their fledgling romance last week, Lucy was on the warpath and the residents of Chelsea were rubbing their hands in gleeful anticipation. "It's going to be beaut," teased Spenny, clearly still adjusting to life on the right side of confrontation.

But what Jamie didn't anticipate was the clash between Riley and Lucy that took place first. As we all guessed, Lucy was not too happy and Riley wasn't doing her bit to make things any better. "What happens between Jamie and I isn't anyone else's business," she tried to explain to her former boss. "Nothing's ever between you and the guy you're seeing where we live," an icy Lucy retorted. True that.

But while Riley was busy telling everyone how "excited" she was, little did she know what sweet nothings her new lover was whispering in Lucy's ear. A "chance" encounter on the street saw a sheepish Jamie finally confront his ex and, suffering a bad case of verbal diahorrea, tell her, "you know I'd drop anything to be with you. I'd be there in a heartbeat. My feelings for you for some s**t reason won't go away."

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"I feel quite bad for Riley," Lucy replied, but evidently Jamie didn't, turning up grinning at his current beau's door later that evening. "Thanks for having me at your house, soon to be our house," he told Riley.

It was a nightmare waiting to happen, and Jamie knew it, telling Fran and Spencer, "I bumped into Lucy and said 'I still really like you'. I fancy Riley but I fancy Lucy way more. I don't think Riley knows."

Of course, the inevitable confrontation came at the cast's Hollywood Party but not before Jamie and Lucy had enjoyed a flirtatious chinwag as he told her, "I've decided I'm not going to be mean with you anymore or play stupid games. I try and make you jealous because I still have feelings for you. I hope that if you get jealous you'll come running back to me."

Try as she might, Lucy couldn't deny her feelings and the conversation ended with the two practically holding hands but not for long as Riley then stormed over to deliver a few home truths.

"I'm a big girl and I can handle the truth," she informed Jamie. "Don't sit there and kiss me and say 'my ex-girlfriend is a bitch'. Don't go into a situation if you still have feelings for someone else. Whatever this is between the two of you, I don't need to be a part of it."

And with that Riley was off, and so was Lucy, telling Jamie "well done" on her way out. But, judging by next week's trailer, she doesn't stay mad for long. Is their flirtation is set to step up a gear next week? What a series finale that would make...


The current series of Made in Chelsea concludes next Monday at 9:00pm on E4