James Franco has made a potty training video in the style of Shia Labeouf

"Just POO it!"

When Shia Labeouf delivered a bizarre motivational speech in front of a green screen for a Central Saint Martins art project earlier this week, the internet had some fun. The actor was inserted into a variety of backdrops, from Star Wars to Se7en to 2001: A Space Odyssey – he even appeared on a Ted stage complete with cheers from a live audience as he belted out the words: “Just DO it”. 


Now James Franco has got in on the act. The Interview actor has filmed his own parody of Labeouf’s video, this time titled “Just poo it”. The 30-second clip sees Franco put his own take on potty training, asking youngsters, “do you want to keep pooping in your little diapers? Just POO it!”


We reckon they’re more likely to poop their pants after watching this…