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James Corden's wife had a baby 30 minutes before The Late Late Show so Harry Styles stepped in with "no prep"

And the One Direction singer was a perfect fit for the role

Harry Styles Late Late Show
Published: Wednesday, 13th December 2017 at 10:37 am

Fans tuning into James Corden’s Late Late Show got quite the surprise last night, because former One Direction singer Harry Styles was on hosting duties.


Styles stepped in to cover for Corden after his wife, Julia, went into labour and gave birth to a baby girl.

And he handled the gig rather well, delivering Corden’s opening monologue in his own endearing you-can-tell-this-stuff-wasn't-written-for-me style.

Corden tweeted the good news about the new arrival and offered his thanks to his friend for stepping in for him.

“Today we welcomed a beautiful baby daughter into the world. Both she and her mother are doing great. We can’t stop smiling. Thank you Harry for stepping in to host the show at 2 and a half hours notice! x x x”, he wrote.

And while Styles had absolutely no trouble stepping in and covering for Corden on incredibly short notice, he hasn’t got any desire to give up the day job and jump into a career in television any time soon.

“This is a one time only, one time thing,” he said. “Unless CBS likes what they see.”


We’re guessing he’d have no trouble convincing the bosses to give him a show if he so wished…


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