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ITV to bring UK wrestling back to Saturday afternoons

WOS Wrestling is finally coming to ITV for a full series, featuring the "finest pro wrestlers"

WOS Wrestling
Published: Wednesday, 25th April 2018 at 3:05 pm

ITV is finally bringing wrestling back to Saturday afternoons, inviting some of the country's "finest pro wrestlers" into the ring to slug it out.


The ten-part series, WOS Wrestling, is billed as "family sports entertainment" and will be filmed in front of a live audience. Fans will get a chance to see some of the UK's top names in the sport taking part in intense bouts and fighting it out for the "coveted" WOS Wrestling Championship belt.

The show will be recorded in Norwich in May, with free tickets now available. Viewers will also go behind the scenes as backstage interviews between rounds reveal what the stars are thinking – "be it elation or frustration".

"There is a massive indie wrestling scene in the UK and a strong nostalgia for the wrestling shows of our youth," said ITV Studios Entertainment's Creative Director Tom McLennan.

"WOS Wrestling will combine the best of the past with incredible talent available today to make a fun, exciting and thrilling show that the whole family can enjoy.”

Wrestling used to be a major part of Saturday afternoons on ITV, with World of Sport airing from 1965 to 1985 – and now it's finally coming to a new generation.


The broadcaster dipped a toe into the water with a pilot episode which aired on New Year's Eve 2016. A full series was announced for the following year, but was postponed before filming could take place.


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