Issa Schultz, the newest star of Beat the Chasers, has said he would "definitely" say yes to joining The Chase if asked to move to the UK version.


ITV confirmed Shultz – who is a Chaser on Australia's version of The Chase – as Anne Hegerty's replacement on the upcoming season of the UK's Beat the Chasers after the Governess tested positive for COVID-19 the week of filming.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, Schultz said that he would be keen to become a Chaser on the UK original.

Anne Hegerty on The Chase ITV
Anne Hegerty won't appear in the upcoming season of Beat the Chasers ITV

He explained: "I'd love to explore that Bradley bond. A lot of the success is that Chaser-Bradley bond. He has a unique relationship with every Chaser on that set. I would love to develop my own.

"And I think it would bring something different because even though I'm British born, I haven't lived here for over 25 years so there's that sort of angle of, you know, 'Well, he might be good at the Aussie stuff, but the contestants may have the advantage here,' there's a different sort of element I think that I bring."

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"And my character is different – I'm the Super Nerd," he continued. "I'm very nerdy – I mean, we're all nerdy but I'm particularly nerdy. I like my video games. I love the quizzing obviously, my books and reading and don't go out much... so yeah, if they asked I'd definitely say yes, I'd be silly not to."

The quizzer joined The Chase Australia back in 2015, sitting alongside the likes of Hegerty and Mark Labbett on the panel of Chasers.

Beat the Chasers airs on ITV and ITV Hub later this year. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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