We need to talk about Louis. No, not the one who was scathing about his date's spiritual beliefs, but the most gentlemanly man who ever lived.


Here's why he's our favourite new First Dater:

1) The thoughtfulness

"I remember my Russian girlfriend telling me when she dumped me that she's never had anyone who's treated her so well... and it was on her birthday so I felt obliged not to fight back, I didn't want to spoil her birthday."

If that's not nice, we don't know what is.

2) The kindness

"I hate making people feel bad about themselves. I'm very well mannered"

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RadioTimes.com's digital heart has melted.

Luckily, 26-year-old Adela from Manchester wanted a gentlemanly date who, unlike her last date, didn't burp at her.

3) The chivalry

"Being chivalrous is something that my mother taught me, I enjoy making somebody feel desired, special "

25 year-old Louis has struggled to woo the girls he's really liked because he doesn't have enough confidence. Yet he managed to be self-reflective about it on camera. "Hopefully I can overcome these hurdles."

4) The humour

When he told Adela he was a Liberal Democrat and she said she was right wing, he was very open-minded. And when she said that talking about politics on a first date was "a bit heavy", he totally got it.

"I completely accept that. I find Labour supporters saying 'I could never go out with a Tory', but why not? Coalition is flavour of the month!"

If you don't find that funny, what's wrong with you?

5) He paid great compliments without seeming cheesy

When he told Adela his heart had "skipped a beat" when he first saw her, you could tell that it wasn't just a line.

6) He took rejection well

And when she said she didn't feel the spark, he took it in his stride and listened to her advice to "have more confidence."

"The rest is there," she added. "You've got everything else."

While he was clearly sad, he actually thanked her for the constructive criticism: "That's kind of you to say."

Yep, nicest person ever.


And the best news? He's back on First Dates next week for another rendezvous. RadioTimes.com can't wait.