Is Alexandra Burke this year’s UK Eurovision entry?

The former X Factor star is rumoured to be representing Britain in 2015's music contest

This Saturday the UK Eurovision entry will be announced and rumour has it it’s 2008 X Factor winner Alexandra Burke who’ll be doing her bit for the Brits.


It may seem an unlikely choice; the UK’s Eurovision entries of late have dotted between the then-unknown Molly and returning stars Bonnie Tyler and Engelbert Humperdick. But perhaps that’s the point. This is the 60th anniversary of the show after all; we need someone with a bit of gumption, someone to get behind. Do you remember that duet Burke did with Beyoncé? Exactly.

The X Factor singer has, of course, been busy on stage playing Rachel Marron in the stage adaptation of Whitney Houston flick The Bodyguard. But, rather fittingly, she’s not scheduled to perform when the show hits Stoke-on-Trent between 19th and 30th May. Eurovision itself takes place in Vienna on May 23rd – coincidence? Perhaps… 

Fuel was further added to the fire on March 2nd, when it’s thought filming took place on the Eurovision video reveal – the very same day Burke was filming her new video for upcoming track Renegade. Timely, eh? 

The BBC clip of GB’s representative, presumably a snippet of a music video, will show after this weekend’s episode of The Voice, which Scott Mills tweeted to confirm:

I had cereal for breakfast on March 2nd and I’m not planning on working at Weetabix, but hey, we’ll take what clues we can.

The BBC is staying tight-lipped, of course. A spokesperson declined to confirm the rumour, telling “We do not comment on speculation. The announcement of the act chosen to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will be made on Saturday evening.”

But we could do with a winner, couldn’t we? The last time the UK took the top spot was in 1997 with Katrina and the Waves. In 2010 we came last. 

The global exposure would certainly boost a comeback single for Burke, too – she recently admitted she’s taken some time out of the “musical ring”. And if she can impress Simon Cowell surely she can win over a few nations?

Update: Sherlock Holmes can rest easy as Burke’s sources confirm to that while they applaud our “detective skills”, the Bodyguard star won’t be representing Britain in this year’s Eurovision. She’s busy with her new EP they tell us and her time off from the stage show follows an extended period without a break. Looks like we really will have to wait until the weekend…


See the Eurovision reveal this Saturday at 9:30 on the BBC Red Button