In other news, Maisie Williams accidentally ate Andy Serkis’s risotto ball

The Game of Thrones actress got in a muddle at an awards dinner this week


Maisie Williams accidentally ate Andy Serkis’s risotto ball at an awards dinner this week, which is probably one of the better sentences we’ve written this week.


The Game of Thrones actress, who was at the Empire awards, thought everyone had arrived at the table and so set about eating the spares (as you do). But this stuffed rice ball wasn’t a spare, oh no. It was actor Andy Serkis’s stuffed rice ball. He seemingly only had one, poor thing. And then it was gone. Just like that. *sniff*

Maisie shared the tale of the risotto ball mix-up on her Instagram. And as the F-word suggests, she was pretty mortified:

Look at this face. This face just screams ‘I can’t wait to get inside and tuck into my delicious risotto ball starter…’


The black and white really adds to the effect of Serkis being the injured party, right?

We’d like to know how the confession went. If there was one. Risotto balls – AKA arancini – are, after all, important party food business.

Did Maisie simply blurt out, ‘I ate your ball!’? Or did she flag down a waiter for emergency risotto ball replenishment? Would that have been possible? Or had they only factored in one risotto ball per diner? So many questions, ahem, so many more important things to be thinking about…


And the whole thing has left us a bit peckish…