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Ian says he can't face any more trials as jungle take its toll

The former England footballer appeared to be struggling after the latest Bushtucker Trial

Ian Wright (ITV)
Published: Sunday, 1st December 2019 at 9:31 pm

Ian Wright has been a divisive figure in the jungle this year - and it looks like he could be running out of patience down under. 


After completing tonight’s Bushtucker trial, in which he collected seven stars, the former England footballer confessed to Andrew that he couldn’t face another trial and that he didn’t want to do anymore. 

Ian took part in the trial Hellevator, and was visibly distressed as he came face to face with pythons, rats and even a crocodile - punching a wall when he failed to gain an eigthth star.

He made the confession after admitting that he had won less stars in the trial than he had been aiming for, despite Ant and Dec reassuring him that he had done a good job.

He said, “We will eat but I’m disappointed as I’d set myself a target of eight stars.”

Talking in the Bush Telegraph, Kate said, “Ian wants to be a winner, seven stars is a win but for him he’s thinking about the four stars he didn’t get, not the ones he did.

“He gets frustrated so when he’s feeling down I try and pick him up because when he’s happy the whole camp gets lifted.

“When he’s down it can have an effect, so I think it’s important to keep his spirits up, actually to keep everyone’s spirits up.”

After his discussion with Ian, Andrew added, “He’s done a lot of Trials, the Trials take it out of him" adding that he'd be advocating Ian taking as many days off trials as he wants. 


It remains to be seen how serious Ian was being when he says he can’t face any more trials - but it definitely appears as if they have taken their toll on the former striker. Could he be gearing up to leave the show?


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