Hurrah, Jon Stewart is back on TV to skewer Donald Trump

The former Daily Show host found a way to have his say by crashing The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


So what that broadcaster Jon Stewart doesn’t have his desk on The Daily Show any more: he’ll darn well find a way – on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, in fact – to have his say on things irritating him. Namely Donald Trump.


Colbert made sure to give Stewart a quick makeover upon his “surprise” arrival last night. You can’t rant and rave in a grey T-shirt on CBS. No, no. A jacket and pin-on tie is much needed.

Stewart’s destruction of Trump came after he and Colbert had a jolly good laugh about Fox News head Roger Ailes resigning. Stewart’s criticism of the network has its own section on his Wikipedia profile, so it’s fair to say there’s been plenty over the years. Although he and Colbert were careful not to allow their actual reaction to be seen.


He even got a Hamilton-style song in there.