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Hugh Grant is in absolutely no doubt about who should play him in a film of his life

Bridget Jones rival in love Colin Firth is the only man for Grant: "It's the role he wants more than anything," he teases

Published: Thursday, 11th August 2016 at 12:02 pm

Turn up It's Raining Men and get in the mood for another posh punch-up because Hugh Grant has picked a brilliant fight with his former Bridget Jones co-star Colin Firth.


Asked who would play him in a film of his life, Grant immediately name-dropped his mortal enemy.

"Colin Firth, obviously. I know. It's the role he wants more than anything."

You can almost hear Firth rolling up his sleeves, can't you? After taking off his jacket, hanging it up neatly, removing his cufflinks and ensuring it was an appropriate time for Grant to meet, of course. One mustn't let standards slip.


Grant gave the answer while taking part in a Reddit AMA live Q&A to promote the US release of Florence Foster Jenkins, and his co-star Meryl Streep joined in the joke: "He's turned it down over and over again," she joked.

The actor had plenty of secrets to dish. Apparently Four Weddings and a Funeral is the film he's watched more times than any other. Nothing like being one's own biggest fan, eh? (yes, he was probably joking).

He only likes working with directors who are complimentary to him - "I can't think of any other purpose for a director" - and while he doesn't want to play James Bond, he hopes he lives his life the 007 way. "Well, whenever I'm in Monte Carlo, I always go to the casino, and say, 'banco' and 'swivy' just like Bond."

Of course, he was also asked about that Pop! Goes My Heart track from romantic comedy Music and Lyrics, in which he plays a washed up singer trying to write a new smash hit record. One can't erase that outfit, those moves, the annoyingly catchy chorus...

"I like to perform PoP! Goes My Heart with all the dance moves every morning and every evening, with my children. It's our little routine it's like The Sound of Music. If they don't do it I beat them," Grant said.

"Oh, that will go around the world," Meryl warned.


Need a re-cap? Here it is:


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