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How well do Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield actually know each other?

We put the This Morning presenting duo to the Newlywed Game test...

Published: Thursday, 29th June 2017 at 7:00 am

They present This Morning together four days a week. They've won a host of TV awards. But are they really best friends? There's only one way to find out: subject the pair to an in-depth quiz on each other...


Holly on Phil

1. What colour are his eyes?

Holly Oh my… I look at him every day and I really don’t know! Hazely-brown?!

Phil Green.

2. His most annoying habit?

Holly Tidying my stuff. I just leave everything lying around.

Phil I really don’t think there’s anything she’s mentioned that annoys her.

3. Which soap is he addicted to?

Holly He’s a Corrie fan.

Phil Corrie.

4. What would he choose as a final meal?

Holly This is one of our favourite games! He’s going for a soft-shell crab starter, steak with peppercorn sauce and a cheese board for dessert.

Phil A seafood starter of some sort, a really good steak and — I don’t have a sweet tooth — so probably cheese.

5. Ultimate TV detective?

Holly Cumberbatch.

Phil Sherlock.

6. His perfect holiday destination?

Holly He has a house out in Portugal, where they go every year, so probably there.

Phil We’ve both got homes out in Portugal and have had the best times there all together, so I’d say there.

7. Perfect evening?

Holly We both like a takeaway on the sofa.

Phil I’d probably say drinking on the sofa.

8. Secret phobia?

Holly He’s not scared of anything but he can’t eat egg whites.

Phil I’m not scared of anything.


Phil and Holly at this year's NTA awards

Phil on Holly

1. What colour are her eyes?

Phil Blue?

Holly Green.

2. What’s her most annoying habit?

Phil She goes, “Well…” to fill silences but she doesn’t actually have anything to say.

Holly Umm… that! I need to fill silences so I will just say “Umm…” even though I have absolutely nothing to say!

3. Soap addiction?

Phil Corrie.

Holly Corrie.

4. What would she choose as a final meal?

Phil We’ve played this! Something classic like prawn cocktail, roast chicken and then anything with chocolate for desert.

Holly Classic prawn cocktail, roast beef with all the trimmings and then Häagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce.

5. Ultimate TV detective?

Phil She’s a big Marple fan.

Holly Marple — girl power!

6. Her perfect holiday destination?

Phil I know she loves Portugal a lot, too, but anywhere in the sun with a bottle of rosé.

Holly You can’t beat lying in the sun and doing nothing in the Maldives.

7. Perfect evening?

Phil Probably takeaway on the sofa.

Holly I love an indian on the sofa.

8. Secret phobia?

Phil Holly is scared of everything!

Holly I’m scared of everything!


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