How well do Alfie Boe and Michael Ball really know each other?

They’re inseparable off stage and on screen, but just how strong is their bromance? We put the two to the test – with some surprising results

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Ball & Boe Back Together on ITV

Pictured: Michael Ball and Alfie Boe.

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They’ve been singing together for years and fronting an ITV special Ball and Boe: Back Together this Sunday. But are they really best friends? There’s only one way to find out: subject the pair to an in-depth quiz on each other…


Ball on Boe

So, Michael, what’s Alfie’s eye colour?

[Laughing] A green that you can sink into.

Alfie’s answer: Green. 

His favourite musical?

Les Mis.

Alfie’s answer: Les Misérables. It changed my career.✅

First musical he starred in?

When he was a kid he played Tony in West Side Story.

Alfie’s answer: Tony in West Side Story.✅

His favourite role ever?

Jean Valjean in Les Mis — it changed his life completely.

Alfie’s answer: I’ve loved playing Jimmy in Quadrophenia recently.❌

First album he ever bought?

Something by the Who. Quadrophenia or Tommy .

Alfie’s answer: 12 Gold Bars by Status Quo.❌

Karaoke song?

A Led Zeppelin classic.

Alfie’s answer: New York, New York — I won a karaoke competition and £1,000 in a pub in Shepherd’s Bush when I was a student singing that. West London Karaoke Champion 1994. Still proud.❌

Favourite TV programme?

He loves things about motorbikes and sharks. No cooking. I don’t know. Top Gear?

Alfie’s answer: South Park. Or Family Guy. Or Ghost Adventures. I bet he said Dad’s Army? I travel with the box set…

Favourite TV show growing up?

Knight Rider?

Alfie’s answer: I loved Happy Days, I’d tune in every Friday to watch it.❌

Perfect holiday?

He’d love a road trip around America.

Alfie’s answer: I love just being at home in Utah. If I’ve got to go away it’d be Italy or Hawaii.❌

His last supper?

Roast beef. Or a pie. Whatever it is, it’s got to have gravy.

Alfie’s answer: Steak and chips. Simple.❌


The ability to smile. Or superstrength.

Alfie’s answer: Flight.❌

Newspaper he reads?

The Beano.

Alfie’s answer: Is it bad to say that I’m not a big newspaper reader?❌

Favourite TV double act?

Morecambe and Wise.

Alfie’s answer: Morecambe and Wise ✅

Final Score: 4/13


Boe on Ball

Your turn Alfie. What’s Michael’s eye colour?

Blue. Pretty blue — not pretty! Take that out. I didn’t say pretty. Icy blue. Cold as his heart.

Michael’s answer: Blue.✅

Favourite musical?

He really connected with Sweeney Todd, but I’ll plump for Hairspray.

Michael’s answer: Hairspray or Sweeney Todd. Hairspray is the most perfect feel-good well-structured happy joyous experience, Sweeney Todd is a work of genius — dark, challenging, everything you wouldn’t expect a musical to be.✅

First musical he starred in?

Marius in Les Mis?

Michael’s answer: I think he might say Pirates of Penzance, but it’s Godspell. 

His favourite role ever?

Edna in Hairspray.

Michael’s answer: Edna in Hairspray — it was a nonstop laugh, on and off stage, it brought so much joy, and earned me a fortune.✅

First album he bought?

Barbra Streisand?

Michael’s answer: Jesus Christ Superstar cast album. 

Karaoke song?

No clue.

Michael’s answer: Delilah. He won’t know that. We’ve never done karaoke together. 

Favourite TV programme?

Game of Thrones. He never stops talking about it, it’s really annoying.

Michael’s answer: Game of Thrones. And he’ll know that. I’m obsessed.

Favourite TV show growing up?


Michael’s answer: Doctor Who. 

Perfect holiday?

Bognor? Just kidding. He spends a lot of time in Mallorca.

Michael’s answer: A beach, lying down, sun, eating and drinking my own bodyweight. Mallorca, Mauritius, Bermuda. Idyllic beach life.✅

His last supper?

Some fancy chicken dish he’d done himself, and a soufflé for dessert.

Michael’s answer: An amazing roast dinner. 


He’d want x-ray vision.

Michael’s answer: I want everything. Telekinesis, invisibility, and to be able to control minds. 


The Times.

Michael’s answer: The Telegraph. 

Favourite TV double act?

Morecambe and Wise.

Michael’s answer: Morecambe and Wise — you can’t beat them. Or French and Saunders.✅

Final Score: 6/13


Ball and Boe: Back Together is on Sunday 9.00pm ITV