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How to watch and stream Dinner Date – is the ITV dating show on Netflix?

In ITV's Dinner Date, complete strangers try to impress a potential mate over a home-cooked meal. What could possibly go wrong?

Published: Wednesday, 4th September 2019 at 12:39 pm

Don’t watch on an empty stomach or with a broken heart: Dinner Date is a dating show for the hungry singleton. In ITV’s hit series, a designated dater is served up a hot date with three eligible matches, but must choose who they're going to date based on a selection of menus the potential mates are offering to cook up. The resulting dates are awkward schadenfreude-filled delights that will make you feel better about your choice to stay in and watch telly with a ready-meal.


How can I watch Dinner Date?

Dinner Date is available on the ITV Hub, Amazon Prime and Sky On Demand.

What is Dinner Date about? How does it work?

From the five often punily-titled menus, the lead narrows down his or her pool of potential matches to three lucky home chefs. Once the menus —and dates— have been selected, we’re introduced to the potential matches via short video packages.

The lead dater is then sent to all three homes, where the host's attempt to live up to their menus (and expectations) often comes up short as the roast burns. What ensues are awkward conversations with the occasional declaration that one person finds the other a bit fit. It’s cringy, but also utterly relatable for anyone who has ever been on a first date.

A few days later, all three daters get dolled up in anticipation of being the last one standing, but only one is chosen. Viewers are left in suspense about the lead dater’s final decision until he or she arrives at their finalist’s door, ready to escort their choice to a proper restaurant.

The runners-up aren’t left empty handed, however —they get a ready-meal as a consolation prize.

How many seasons of Dinner Date are there?

Nine seasons of the original programme have aired as well as three celebrity series. The format has also been used for Australian and South African editions.


Who narrates Dinner Date?

One of Dinner Date’s distinctive features is the sarcastic voiceover commentary that accompanies each date. Charlotte Hudson (Bruiser) narrated from 2010-2012 and was subsequently replaced by actor and singer Natalie Casey, who became the youngest ever charted recording artist in the UK when, at age three, her single “Chick Chick Chicken” reached number 72 on the Billboard charts.


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