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How to survive a zombie apocalypse according to First Dates

Star Wars fan Lachlan is back for another date this week — and he has dead good (and very involved) advice for when the undead invade our capital city... logo
Published: Monday, 5th October 2015 at 11:40 am

One of the best things about First Dates is seeing what makes people tick. Often it's something you wouldn't expect. And for tonight's couple Lachlan and Becca, it's the undead that really makes them feel alive.


Lachlan overdid the Star Wars talk on last week's date with Rachel and she said he reminded her of her brother. Never a good thing. But he isn't too disheartened because tonight, he's back for a date with Becca, a prison psychologist. "You got to pick yourself up and keep moving," he tells the camera cheerfully.

And that's exactly what you'd do when running from zombies. As we learn from this epic instruction manual about how to survive the end of the world...

Becca asks the killer question...

Lachlan doesn't find this a weird question at all. He's thrilled. In fact, he's already told the camera that “one of my huge chunky tick marks for a date is if the girl mentions zombies before I do.” TICK.

The key to survival is knowing your motorways...

Classic date chat...

Well, she did ask...

Enjoying your steak, Becca?

Becca digests all this very well...

And this is the just the bit they put on TV...

But Becca finds this very, very specific answer to her question hilarious, but also genuinely informative. She has her own zombie plan but this is a little more thorough than her own.

"He's not off-puttingly geeky," she says. "He's passionate about things, that's good."

Of course, what we really want to know is whether he's dying to see her again. And will she want to be his ghoulfriend?




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