How to dance on NYE…as demonstrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Emma Watson

Party? Check. Dance moves? How about a Hiddle Wiggle, a Fassbatch bop or a Meryl Shimmy...

Hitting the dance floor to see in 2016? Don’t go unprepared, take inspiration from Hollywood’s finest with these essential moves…


The Hiddle Wiggle

Essential NYE move number 1: snake hips. Bust out in the middle of the dance floor for maximum impact. Or, make like the Thor star himself and stand on something for extra height, attention and general love from an adoring crowd.

The ‘Fassbatch’ combo

Preparation is key for this Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender-inspired one. You will need: one drink. One totally cool friend and one pair of awesome shades. Method: Hit the dance floor in unison. Bump shoulders. Don’t look up ever. Coolness score? 100.

The Watson Walk

Necessary get-people-out-of-their-chair move from Emma Watson here. Best deployed when Greased Lightening plays.

The Meryl Shimmy

Or, prove that you can sit in a chair and still totally own the dance floor with a Meryl Streep-inspired shimmy. Note: Will need to find own Pharrell Williams. Hat optional.

The Smithy

Put the snacks down, this is All. About. The. Hands. Judging by the other person’s reaction to former Doctor Who star Matt Smith, this is best whipped out in front of friends who have no idea you have moves stashed up your perfectly tailored sleeves. Party 0 – You 10.

The Efron Entrance

Enter any and every room in the style of Zac Efron. In fact, do this all year.

The X factor

Save this X-Men inspired move from Fassbender for when your favourite song comes on. A friend casually exiting the dance floor because they know it’s your moment (ideally backwards while dancing) an absolute necessity.

Radcliffe Rhymes

Heck, if you can’t dance, no problem. Show off your lyrical wizardry with a party piece à la Daniel Radcliffe…

Pitt Party


Staying in? Doesn’t mean you can’t dance like it’s 1999. Soundtrack? I’m thinking anything by Steps.