There was a horribly awkward moment on This Morning on Tuesday when co-host Holly Willoughby – and indeed everyone watching the live broadcast – overheard a Loose Women panellist gossiping about her weight.


While Willoughby was presenting the ITV show with Phillip Schofield, the camera cut to the Loose Women studio so that they could reveal what was coming up in their programme.

Unfortunately, they didn't realise they were live on TV or that their microphones were on, and Nadia Sawalha could be heard commenting on Willoughby’s appearance to the panel.

Didn't know she was on air!! Is this body shaming from Loose Women @loosewomen I don't think holly is disappearing she's fab @hollywills

— Ellie (@McPherson_Clan) June 27, 2017

"Holly Willoughby's disappearing!" she laughed.

Willoughby was visibly shocked at what Sawalha had said, and was momentarily lost for words.

Schofield raised his eyebrows and tried to lighten the mood by shouting: "Cue! Cue!"

Realising what had happened, Ruth Langsford then scrambled to cover up the embarrassing mishap by joking to Phillip: "You caught us by surprise there. We were talking about incontinence, Phil!"

Willoughby has recently spoken out about her discomfort with people being judgemental about women's appearance. When asked about staying in shape, she told the MailOnline: “I don’t want to go on the record saying I did this or that, and then have other women read it and think they have to go and do the same…

"I'm sorry, I just don't want to be a part of this conspiracy to make women feel pressured about their bodies.


"Every woman needs to look in the mirror and instinctively decide what will make her feel happy and good about herself and her body; that's all I did."