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Hearing David Attenborough say Boaty McBoatface has made everybody's morning

Work is beginning on RSS Sir David Attenborough, the research ship named after the BBC broadcaster – but the name Boaty McBoatface lives on...

Published: Monday, 17th October 2016 at 8:11 am

Remember the time thousands of people wanted a very important Arctic research vessel to be called Boaty McBoatface? The name lives on – thanks to David Attenborough.


The ship, as you might recall, was eventually named RSS Sir David Attenborough after the great BBC broadcaster, despite old Boaty being by far the most popular suggestion in an online poll.


However, when Attenborough arrived in person to mark the start of construction on the ship, one name was on everybody's lips – and it wasn't his.

The good news is, the name Boaty lives on – a submarine on board RSS Sir David Attenborough has been christened Boaty McBoatface.

Here is Boaty McBoatface in all her Yellow Submarine glory.

Look, there's even an adorable little Boaty cartoon to explain what the sub is capable of.

Exciting morning right? Well, there was one little iceberg that threatened to sink everybody's morning...

Panic. Over.


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