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Eat Well For Less? star Gregg Wallace shares his top tips for eating on a budget

The TV chef will be helping six new families in the latest series of the BBC One show.

Gregg Wallace
Published: Tuesday, 8th September 2020 at 6:03 pm

Gregg Wallace is back for a brand new series of Eat Well For Less?.


Kicking off on September 8th on BBC One, the TV chef and judge will be helping families cut their shopping bills in half along with Chris Bavin.

The pair will teach six different families various recipes in a bid to help them save some money and get their families eating healthier.

So, what exactly would Gregg advise families to do to keep their bill down?

Speaking exclusively to, the MasterChef judge revealed his top three tips for eating well for less.

He said: "The most important one is that the whole family sits together and agrees on the meals they are going to eat. That is vitally important and then nobody can come home on a Wednesday night and go, o'Oh I don't fancy that!' You all have to eat the same thing which means you all have to get in agreement."

He continued: "The second most important thing is make a list of what it is you need to buy to complete the meals that you are going to eat and don't stray from that list."

As well as sticking to your shopping list, Gregg advises families to first check their food cupboards before heading out on the weekly shop.

"The third thing is, do a thorough stock take of your kitchen. And make sure you don't already posses the things you're setting out to buy," he said.

According to Gregg, one of the "biggest issues" faced by families in the UK is the lack of cooking skills.

"After years of eat well for less, when I now hear I haven't got time to cook, that instantly translates to me as, 'I don't know how to cook.' People don't know how to cook! And that's the biggest issue we've got," he explained.

"That is a serious issue and that's the biggest issue any family in this country has right now is that people don't know how to cook."

Eat Well for Less?
Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin are back for a new series, helping families cut down their shopping bill and stay healthy BBC

To get around this, Gregg advises families to stock up on tinned veg and learn some basic cooking skills.

And he has just the meal that won't take more than 10 minutes.

"You get a piece of fish, drizzle olive oil on it and salt and pepper, you then stick it in the oven for about eight minutes. Now all you have to do is add some vegetables to that, which could be spinach in a pot with a little bit of butter and there you go, there's lunch! The whole lot should take around nine minutes," he explained.

Sounds like our dinner for tonight sorted. Cheers, Gregg!


Eat Well For Less starts September 8th on BBC One at 8pm. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.


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