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When will The Graham Norton Show be back?

Everything we know so far about the 28th series of the popular chat show.

Graham Norton Show
Published: Friday, 29th May 2020 at 3:02 pm

When it was announced that The Graham Norton Show was to return in a new socially distanced format for its 27th series, some viewers voiced concerns about whether it would work.


But, despite a shorter running time, the new format has been a resounding success - with a slew of high profile guests joining Graham for a chat via video link, and some impressive musical guests performing from the comfort of their own homes.

The series is coming to an end after a final episode on Friday 5th June, so here's all the news so far about when we might expect Graham to return for series 28...

When will The Graham Norton Show return?

We don't have an exact date as yet - but we can make a pretty good guess on the basis of previous years.

Graham traditionally takes a Summer break from the popular chat show between June and September, with the programme normally resuming towards the end of September - normally on the last Friday on the month.

This has been the case for the past six years, so based on the likely possibility that the show keeps its usual schedule, we'd reckon the show might begin again on Friday 25th September.

Graham Norton (Getty)

Of course, bearing in mind the ongoing pandemic, there's a chance that this could be delayed - but given the show has already proven it can work in a socially distanced format, and in the assumption that lockdown restrictions might have been further eased by the end of September, we're hopeful that that date should be kept.

We'll keep this page updated as and when we get more news.

Will the next series of The Graham Norton Show still be filmed remotely?

It's too early to say at this stage - and it's likely that even the producers aren't sure yet, given we have no idea what the coronavirus situation might look like by the time the next series airs.

However, even if the show isn't filmed remotely, it seems safe to bet that stars from across the Atlantic might not yet be in a position to jet in to make an appearance on the famous red sofa - so it seems all but certain that big Hollywood stars might still need to appear using video call apps.

The Graham Norton Show guests: Who will appear?

We won't have any information until much closer to the time - but it's safe to assume that there will be the usual mixture of home-grown stars, Hollywood icons, and musicians from across the globe.


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