Graham Norton quits Twitter, says it’s “not a happy world”

The chat show host explains why he has left the social media platform


Graham Norton has said he’s quit Twitter, after declaring that it’s “not a happy world”.

Speaking on his Radio 2 show, the chat show host said he was planning to stick to Facebook from now on.

“I prefer Facebook because I have real friends there who agree with me. But on Twitter, not so much,” he said. “I have kind of fallen out of love with Twitter. It’s not a happy world, so I have left it.”

The presenter has over 1.2 million followers; his account is still posting retweets to his agony aunt column in the Daily Telegraph, but he hasn’t tweeted personally since 22nd June.

Earlier this year, Stephen Fry said he was leaving Twitter because of “the trolls and nasties”, adding that time off the social media site was “like a boulder rolling off my chest”.