Gordon Ramsay has been trying his best not to swear on his new daytime show Culinary Genius…

Will "Shiitake mushrooms!" and "Fructose!" really be satisfactory replacements for Gordon's favourite four-letter words?


Gordon Ramsay admitted before the start of his new show Culinary Genius that he was worried about keeping his language suitable for a daytime audience.


“I’ve never been on afternoon TV. So f*** knows what that’s going to be like,” said the notoriously sweary chef. “I’m really excited about coming up with alternatives [to swear words]. S*** you can’t say, but you can say ‘Shiitake mushrooms will go great with that chicken breast’. F***, you can’t say, [but] fructose is another form of sugar that you can say, so ‘Fruuccctooose!’ I’m trying.”

And it looks Gordon’s prediction has come true, as the unaired outtakes in the clip below see him struggling – and in some cases not even trying – to keep a lid on the four-letter words as contestants fail to live up to his exacting culinary standards…


Each episode of Culinary Genius sees nine amateur cooks face three rounds of intense kitchen challenges, with a prize of £1,000 for the winner.

Airing Monday to Friday on ITV, the show is hosted by Fern Britton with a new celebrity chef taking charge each week. Rosemary Shrager will pick up the baton (or should that be spatula?) from Gordon Ramsay next week, Monday 23rd April, with Phil Vickery and Jean-Christophe Novelli to follow.


Culinary Genius airs weekdays at 3pm on ITV