Lord Sugar has accidentally offended Richard Madeley in an attempt to mock Piers Morgan

Sugar and Morgan's ongoing feud claims an innocent victim in the form of stand-in Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain (ITV, JG)

Richard Madeley has become collateral damage in Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan’s never-ending spat.


Sugar took to Twitter after watching Blue Planet II on Sunday night, which featured a very bulbous and unusual-looking fish called a Kobudai.

The Apprentice boss, in a typical dig at Good Morning Britain host Morgan, posted this on Twitter.

However, what Sugar didn’t realise was that his arch-nemesis Morgan was on holiday in LA and that Madeley would actually be standing in on Good Morning Britain.

Sugar was quick to correct himself on Twitter…

That didn’t stop stand-in showbiz presenter Konnie Huq from reading out Sugar’s original tweet live on Good Morning Britain today – much to the bewilderment of Madeley.

“Was Lord Sugar referring to me?” he asked. “It’s a little personal but I can ride it out. I’ve had worse on Twitter I suppose. Haven’t we all?”

Huq then reassured Madeley, saying he shouldn’t “take it personally” as Sugar was trying to throw shade on Morgan, of course.


We’re sure Morgan will have something to say about that when he gets back…