Two of the longest-serving members on Gogglebox have shared their advice for any families looking to join the show – and assured fans that they aren't planning on leaving anytime soon.


Julie and Tom Malone joined the Channel 4 programme back in 2014, when it was in its fourth season, and are back in the latest episodes to voice their opinions on the latest television events.

The Gogglebox team has grown since the Malones made their debut, with numerous other families now featuring and many others clamouring for the opportunity.

Quizzed on tips for those looking to join the show, Julie told "Just be yourself, because the public are very good at picking out people that are being natural and what have you – so, just be yourself!"

The commentator went on to say that she and her husband Tom are keen to remain a part of Gogglebox for "as long as they want us", citing the lockdown episodes as particularly important to them.

"From the feedback we get off the public, they really, really do love it," she continued. "The amount of people that we have coming up to us, saying that during lockdown we really helped them through it [while] they were in the flat on their own."

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She continued: "And people whose grandparents are living on their own and they really love it. Yeah, it's quite humbling."

Tom added: "During COVID, people were saying that it was so good that they could see other people while sat in their living room. Everyone in the country couldn’t get out, so it was like their way of meeting other people seeing us on telly.

"It’s great that it got aired during COVID. They really appreciated it."

Additional reporting by Grace Henry.

Gogglebox continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 4. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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