George Clooney and Hugh Laurie teamed up for the best ER ‘reunion’ ever

Doctor Doug Ross met Doctor House and, well, the rest is medical history...


If there’s one role that George Clooney fans will never forget it’s his starring turn as Dr Doug Ross on medical drama ER.


So, as you can imagine, everyone was pretty excited to see him donning his medical whites once again for a special Jimmy Kimmel ER ‘reunion’ of sorts.

There was one slight hitch, though – Kimmel couldn’t seem to get the original cast on board, so he did the next best thing and found another TV doctor: Hugh Laurie’s Dr House.

Now, you’d think a failed ER ‘reunion’ would be disappointing, wouldn’t you? No Julianna Marguilles, no Noah Wyle… but funnily enough, we got something even better instead.


We’ll take 10ccs of Clooney/Laurie Ross/House hip hop, STAT.