It wasn't for nothing that Britian made Abz from 5ive a Celebrity Big Brother runner up back in 2013; as so-called 'celebs' go, the 90s pop star is pretty delightful, so it's no wonder that his new show Country Strife: Abz on the farm is hilarious.


Whether Abz simply knows how to draw an audience or is genuinely a walking talking barrel of laughs is irrelevant when he's doling out his delightful musings, and tonight's Country Strife was crammed full of them.

Here are just a selection of our favourite moments from the first episode...


1. On partner Vicky

2. And her music

3. Vicky on their relationship

4. Abz on danger

5. And the perils of city life

6. Abz and Vicky take a trip to Landeilo

7. And discover killer veg at the Lammas Project

8. His views on happiness might seem worrying

9. But Abz has a butt feeling about house hunting in the countryside

10. Getting to grip with the terminology might be tricky

11. And the house might be a bit of a fixer-upper

12. But it will all work out for the best – if he can just keep the dogs away from the cockerel...

Country Strife: Abz on The Farm continues on BBC2 on Sunday nights at 9:45pm