Former Breakfast host Bill Turnbull is getting his own BBC quiz show

The breakfast TV stalwart will helm new daytime series Think Tank on BBC1

He was the face that the nation woke up to for more than a decade and a half on BBC television and now former Breakfast host Bill Turnbull is back, aiming to put our brains to the test during the day with new quiz show Think Tank.

“I’ve had two careers so far – one as a reporter and one as a presenter. With a bit of luck, now I might have one as a quiz show host!” said Turnbull, who left Breakfast in September.
“I’ve been wanting to do one for some time, and this is a great opportunity. We had a lot of fun with the try-out, and there are some great characters on our ‘think tank’ panel. So fingers crossed, we’re on to an entertaining new concept.”
Think Tank is a quiz show where a regular cast of contributors aim to help three contestants through a series of questions hoping they can win thousands of pounds.
Before each episode, the regular cast from across the nation answer hundreds of general knowledge questions. The results form the quiz and hopefully prove more of a help than a hindrance as the three contestants try to answer the questions correctly.
After their knowledge has been tested to the max, the winner then faces a ‘Question: Impossible’, which will have previously stumped the whole Think Tank team. They’ll have to use the Think Tankers’ wrong answers to eliminate obvious errors, and see if they can go one better and win a huge cash prize.

“Think Tank is going to engage and challenge viewers on BBC1 in the afternoons. The questions aren’t going to be easy and the contestants will need to work out when to use the suggested answers from the Think Tankers,” said Dan McGolpin, Controller of BBC Daytime.


“We’re lucky to have Bill Turnbull presenting, in his first TV series since leaving the BBC Breakfast sofa. He will orchestrate proceedings and ensure that we all enjoy the experience.”