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Fear Factor is returning to TV with Ludacris as host

And the challenges will be LUDICROUS, right guys?

Published: Thursday, 13th April 2017 at 10:15 am

Now here's a noughties throwback: MTV is bringing back Fear Factor – with Ludacris at the helm.


The hit reality show, which challenges contestants to face their fears, originally launched on NBC in 2001, but MTV are rebooting the series with rapper Ludacris replacing Joe Rogan as host.

Not only is the presenter and the channel changing, but the challenges are getting a revamp, too. The 12-episode series will see tasks inspired by urban legends, popular scary movies, and viral videos, designed to push contestants beyond their comfort zones.

Challenges include “Roach-ella”, which almost definitely involves insects, and “Trap Queen”, according to the MTV announcement.

Participants will be fighting for a cash prize of $50,000, as before.

Ludacris said that the new series “will be even more insane and ludicrous than what you remember”.

Here's a video for our favourite Luda song, to get you in the mood...


The Fear Factor reboot premieres in the US on 30 May.


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