Facebook goes down – Twitter reacts

Twitter shares the horror and prepares to go back to the dark ages - but what's the worst thing about #Facebookdown?

Facebook and Instagram went down last night, and for a little while this morning. That’s right, if you wanted to poke someone (does anyone do that anymore?), you had to go and find them first. And if you wanted to post a photo of you doing it, you’d be forced to use #nofilter.


Of course, the first thing people do when one social media platform goes down is head to another one to talk about it, which quickly made #facebookdown the top trend on Twitter (Facebook’s loss was their gain) as people shared the horror and prepared to go back to the dark ages… 

But tell me, what’s the worst thing about Facebook being down…?


Hmmm… someone’s a little off-message… #awkward