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Everything you need to know about Chef's Table series 3: Restaurants, prices and locations

The Netflix food documentary series is back with six brand-new episodes

Published: Friday, 17th February 2017 at 3:00 pm

Watching beautiful food being cooked on screen is all very well, but it can make you pretty hungry – and curious to see how it actually tastes.


But how expensive is the food? And is there a waiting list for these places, or can you waltz right in and take a seat? Here are all those important questions, answered:

Nancy Silverton: Mozza, Los Angeles, United States


Who is she?

Nancy Silverton is obsessed with dough. She has build a bread-making empire, but she's also really, really good at mozzarella.

Where can I find Nancy Silverton's restaurants? 

Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza are in Los Angeles. She also has a third restaurant, Chi Spacca, which focuses on meats. Outside of LA, Silverton has now also opened branches of Mozza in California's Newport Beach and Singapore.

How easy is it to get a table at Mozza? 

Actually surprisingly easy! We managed to find a same-day Friday night booking at LA's Osteria Mozza for 9.30pm, and there were plenty of slots for the weekend.

How expensive is it?

We put together a dream meal (Affettati Misti with Gnocco Fritto! Burrata & Bacon! Butternut Squash Mezzelune! Duck al Mattone! Candied Kumquat Semifreddo! Drool) and it came to $113, plus wine.

Tim Raue: Restaurant Tim Raue, Berlin, Germany


Who is he?

Tim Raue freely admits that he is an egomaniac, but he thinks that's a good thing. Coming from a tough background in Berlin, he is now known as one of the city's best chefs, earning two Michelin stars and packing his dishes with flavour.

Where can I find Tim Raue's restaurants?

Restaurant Tim Raue is in Rudi-Dutschke-Straße in Berlin. He also runs La Soupe Populaire (that's a soup place) and Sra Bua by Tim Raue at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin.

How easy is it to get a table at Restaurant Tim Raue?

You can book a table for dinner a few days in advance.

How expensive is it?

The six-course "signature menu" costs 168 euros, plus wine, and includes deer, Chinese artichoke, water melon, pork...

Virgilio Martinez: Central Restaurante, Lima, Peru


Who is he?

Martinez is extremely experimental, using little-known ingredients from across Peru to create "edible ecosystems". He is one of the country's shining stars in creative cuisine.

Where can I find Virgilio Martinez's restaurants?

Central Restaurante is in the Miraflores District of Lima, Peru, and he has also opened Senzo in Cuzco's Palacio Nazarenas hotel.

But – good news for Londoners! – you can also get a taste of Martinez's food at Michelin star-winning Lima, a Peruvian-style restaurant in Fitzrovia, or at Lima Floral in Covent Garden.

How easy is it to get a table at Central Restaurante?

There are a sprinkling of available slots at Central over the next few months, but otherwise you might have to join the waiting list and cross your fingers.

Martinez himself may not be in the kitchen, but it seems pretty easy to get a table at the London restaurants.

How expensive is it?

348 Peruvian Sol per person - that's £86 each. The London restaurant is a little cheaper.

Vladimir Mukhin: White Rabbit, Moscow, Russia


Who is he?

Vladimir Mukhin gives traditional Russian dishes a modern twist at his stylist Moscow restaurant.

Where can I find Vladimir Mukhin's restaurant?

White Rabbit is located in Smolensky Passage.

How easy is it to get a table at White Rabbit?

You have to give them your name and details before you can find out whether a table is available. So - we don't really know. Sorry.

How expensive is it?

8500 rubles for the tasting menu, so that's £118 each. For that you will get everything from persimmon and cheese, to crab, carrots, pike caviar, salted egg york, surgeon and black bread. There's also bar food if you don't want to commit to the whole thing.

Ivan Orkin: Ivan Ramen, New York and Tokyo


Who is he?

Despite hailing from Long Island, Ivan Orkin launched one of Tokyo's most-admired ramen bars. He does not always take the orthodox approach.

Where can I find Ivan Orkin's restaurants?

Orkin has now stepped down from his Tokyo shops to open two restaurants in New York City, United States.

How easy is it to get a table at Ivan Ramen?

Very easy – you can reserve online and go on the same day.

How expensive is it? 

Pricey for ramen, but cheap for this list. A bowl will set you back about $16.

Jeong Kwan: Chunjinam Hermitage, South Korea


Who is she?

Jeong Kwan is a Buddhist nun in South Korea who approaches cooking as a spiritual practice. Her vegan, garlic and onion-free food is made from ingredients grown at the temple and has impressed some of the world's best chefs.

Where can I find Jeong Kwan? 

At the Chunjinam hermitage of the Baekyangsa temple, 169 miles south of Seoul.

How easy is it to try her food? 

Unlike the other chefs on the list, she has no restaurant and no customers, so it's pretty tricky. You'd have to arrange a visit directly, but she shares her food freely with foreign and domestic visitors – who can visit the temple for one or two nights at a time.


Chef's Table series 3 is streaming on Netflix now 


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