David Tennant may have been on The Jonathan Ross show to talk about his new Marvel series Jessica Jones, but all anybody watching was talking about was his rather striking suit.


Some loved it.

David Tennant is on Jonathan Ross n he's wearing a tartan suit n I am profusely SWEATING

— eilish✨ (@babybenoit) November 14, 2015

Some loathed it.

Others said only Tennant could get away with it.

And the traditionally 'well dressed' Cristiano Ronaldo was VERY diplomatic about it.

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Ross: "Cristiano, what do you think of this suit?"

Ronaldo: "Unbelievable."

Tennant: "In a good way or a bad way?"

Ronaldo: "In a good way, of course."

Tennant, who'll make his Marvel debut as Killgrave in Netflix's Jessica Jones, brought along an exclusive clip of his character in action that convinced more than a few new viewers to tune in.

The actor also shared a charming tale about his children's love for the Sci-Fi series, and his daughter's new obsession with 11th Doctor Matt Smith.


And while Tennant will return to the Whoniverse for Big Finish audio adventures with former companion Catherine Tate, he said he had mostly left the Doctor behind – with fond memories.

Some, however, weren't quite convinced.


Jessica Jones is available to stream on Netflix from Friday November 20th