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Everybody on the internet made the same joke about Sex Box last night

There was only one thing on Channel 4 viewers' minds – and it wasn't the hanky panky

Published: Tuesday, 5th April 2016 at 8:10 am

Channel 4's Sex Box – a show about two people getting it on in a box – was always bound to cause a stir online with its return (yup, they've done it before) but there was only one thing viewers could think of while watching the show last night and it wasn't the sex.


Or the cringeworthy quotes.

It was the box, and how similar it looked to another box on another TV channel.

There were jokes about how sad it was that Cube host Philip Schofield was missing out on all the action.

And jokes about how this challenge was an interesting one for contestants and viewers to handle.

It was all very clever and rib tickling all together.

And it was just as funny three years ago, when Twitter first discovered it.


Great minds, right?


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