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Who is Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2019 entry Lake Malawi?

Meet the indie-pop group looking to make friends with Eurovision voters – using a British accent
Published: Saturday, 18th May 2019 at 6:23 pm

Good news for anyone looking for some cheesy Eurovision indie-pop with questionable lyrics: this year Czech Republic’s entry should tick all your boxes.


Here’s everything you need to know about Lake Malawi:

Who is Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2019 entry Lake Malawi?

Not to be confused with a great lake on the border of Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique, Lake Malawi are a Czech indie pop band formed in 2013 by the very smiley Albert Černý. Their name was inspired by Bon Iver song Calgary.

Černý’s musical epiphany came, like most artists, when playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. Apparently, after hearing Coldplay’s The Scientist in the background, he vowed to one day perform on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury festival.

As a band, Lake Malawi have supported the likes of The Kooks, Mika, and Thirty Seconds to Mars in Prague. In 2017, they released their debut album, Surrounded by Light.

What is Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2019 song called?

Lake Malawi will perform Friend Of A Friend at Eurovision 2019. It’s a song about – get this – friendship.

As Černý explained to Czech radio: “The song is about a friendship, about the idea that it’s enough to have three or four friends to reach anybody in the whole world.” Because who doesn’t want a song about the six degrees of separation theory?

On a side note, we highly recommend listening to at least the 40-second mark to hear Černý's faux British accent.

What will Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2019 song look like on stage?

Their national finals performance gives us some clues. We can probably expect a minimalist stage with a lot of jumping around by singer Albert Černý.

Unfortunately, we’re guessing the judge going absolutely crazy in the background in the above video won’t appear on the Eurovision stage.

What are the odds of Czech Republic winning Eurovision 2019?

Just OK. Most bookies predict that Lake Malawi will finish around place 16 in the grand final.

How did Czech Republic do at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest?

Their entry, Mikolas Josef’s Lie to Me, came a respectable sixth place. It was a performance revolving around an empty rucksack. And bum-shaking. Obviously.


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