Looking to improve on last year's 12th place finish, France has doubled up and sent duo Madame Monsieur to Eurovision 2018.


One of the 'Big Five' countries who automatically qualify for the finals, France's 2018 hopes rest with the duo made up of musicians Jean-Karl Lucas and Emilie Satt.

Meet Madame Monsieur...

Who are Madame Monsieur?

Musicians Jean-Karl Lucas and Emilie Satt began their journey to Eurovision in a bar ten years ago.

The duo quickly formed a bond over their shared love of music and began collaborating. The vocal talents of Emilie matched perfectly with the pop infused music of Jean-Karl led the pair to work with a number of artists within France.

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One such collaboration took place in 2015 when the duo composed the song Smile for the French rapper Youssoupha.

The pair then met producer Guillaume Silvestri who helped them to bring their debut EP Tandem to life. On the record they would continue to collaborate with artists such as Jok'Air and Ibrahim Maalouf as well as reuniting with Youssoupha.

2018 is set to be a busy year for the pair as they are not only preparing for Eurovision but also released their album Vu d’ici on 20th April.

How were they chosen for Eurovision?

As France automatically qualify for Eurovision, the country held a contest to choose the entry they'd be sending to Lisbon in May. The contest, held in January 2018, was called Destination Eurovision and comprised of two semi-finals and a final.

Dispite placing third with the judges at the contest, Madame Monsieur landed an overwhelming majority of the public vote and won Out of the 18 songs entered in Destination Eurovision, Mercy came out on top in order to make it to the Lisbon stage.

What is France’s Eurovision 2017 song called?

The song is called Mercy and was written and composed by Madame Monsieur themselves before being selected by the French public to be entered into Eurovision 2018.

The song was inspired by the story of a migrant baby born and rescued at sea in March 2017 while aboard the humanitarian boat Aquarius. Over a year later the band are set to perform their tribute to an audience of millions in Lisbon.


The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final takes place in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 12th 2018

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