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Eurovision 2016: Here's what Twitter thought of the UK's Joe & Jake

The boys belted out You're Not Alone, but what did Twitter think of their performance?

Published: Saturday, 14th May 2016 at 9:30 pm

24 songs and what felt like a spectacularly Eurovision-y age later, the UK's Joe & Jake finally took to the stage to perform You're Not Alone at the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final in Stockholm, Sweden.


21-year-old Joe and 19-year-old Jake really gave the performance their all, getting quite the reaction in the auditorium.

But what did Twitter think of their performance?

Well, some high profile fans were pleasantly surprised by it.

Others reacted in true sarcastic Eurovision fashion.

Their performance was enough to land them a Top 3 spot for some viewers.

Others were NOT so kind...

But the negative comments inspired patriotism.

And they went down a treat in the Eurovision Press Room.

Sorry about the screeching...


Now it's up to Europe to decide.


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