The EU Referendum debate has been defined by sniping, backbiting, scaremongering, scaremongering about scaremongering, lies, damn lies and statistics. There has been no fun, no joy and nothing to laugh at, except bitterly.

But forget all that, because Eurotrash is back (for one night only) – as funny, weird and joyous as it was back in the 90s – to put the ‘dum’ in referendum.

Antoine de Caunes may be a shade greyer, but he still knows how to wave a kilt, dress up as a vegetable and overpronounce every English vowel he speaks. Jean Paul Gaultier continues to sound like he’s reading phonetically from cue cards and dresses like, well, Jean Paul Gaultier. He's no longer accompanied by Pipi and Popo the cardboard giraffes but, if anything, he manages to up the weirdness quota with his new sidekick Humanimal.

The set is the same – basically Elton John’s boudoir on a quiet night – and so is the content – mildly titillating tales of foreign bizarreness (that could just as easily be British bizarreness) made utterly hilarious by dubbing with regional UK accents.

In fact, in many cases it’s exactly the same because it’s kind of a best bits from some of the glory days of the 1990s stitched together with new, vaguely referendum-related set pieces (a psychic predicting the outcome of the vote using a cabbage, for instance).

It didn’t make me think I'd been watching it with rose-tinted beer goggles all those post-pub Friday nights back in my early 20s, and it didn't make me wish they hadn't brought it back, it just made me smile, laugh and feel warm inside.

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Eurotrash is tonight, Friday 17th June, at 9pm on Channel 4