We hear a rumour that the Spice Girls might be reforming...


It’s something we’d love to do, but we need to get organising. It’s a big part of our lives and I’m hoping we can get it together.

Would Victoria Beckham be on board?

Victoria is a Spice Girl through and through, but she’s doing amazing things with designing and I’m not sure it’s something she’d be a part of. But I know for a fact she’d be in the front row cheering us on.

When was the last time you danced around your kitchen to the Spice Girls?

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Just the other week! We dance around the kitchen all the time. My eight-year-old son Beau is obsessed with Little Mix, so now and again I throw a Spice Girl song in there. Wannabe is a favourite, as is Who Do You Think You Are.

You’re stranded on a desert island. Which Spice Girl do you choose for company?

I could never pick just one. You can’t ask me that!

We just did...

OK, Geri would be very practical and decisive. Mel B would be an absolute hoot, but we probably wouldn’t survive. Victoria would make me laugh – she’s got the driest sense of humour – but I’m going to go with Mel C. She’d look after me and I’d need a powerhouse character to get me through.

You’re on London radio station Heart FM’s breakfast show and now you’re co-hosting a new entertainment show, Too Much TV. How much is too much?

Good question! We’ve got three TVs in the house – one in the kitchen, one in the front room and one in the bedroom – and it’s a case of “how can we angle the furniture towards them?” I do monitor how much Beau and Tate [who’s four] watch, though. I get my time after they’ve gone to bed. I’ll watch a reality show or a good drama like Homeland or Grey’s Anatomy.

Your co-hosts on Too Much TV are Sara Cox, Rufus Hound and Aled Jones – if one of them dropped out, who would you want as a replacement?

I love Dermot O’Leary and Claudia Winkleman. On Strictly she’s got this way of taking the mickey very cleverly. But I’d probably go for Phillip Schofield. And Holly Willoughby is brilliant, although I’m a bit biased as she’s a good friend.

Is this your pitch to be on ITV’s This Morning?

I love This Morning, but I’m busy enough at the moment! I’m doing the radio show, then it’s the school pick-up and now I’m doing Too Much TV live in the evenings. Acting is actually the thing I’d like to do more of.

Have you got your eye on a particular drama?


Before the Spice Girls I was in EastEnders and The Bill and I’ve done a few Harold Pinter plays. I also have a cameo in Absolutely Fabulous: the Movie [to be released later this year].