Eden: six contestants to watch

Who's who in the Scottish Highlands?


The all-rounder

Jack, 31, former army officer. While his army training gives him an excellent grounding in outdoor skills (“I could quite happily chop firewood all day long”), Jack believes his mental endurance will prove even more valuable. “I’ve got a very long fuse, so I don’t lose my temper easily,” he says. “I’m looking forward to harnessing people’s energy when they’re on good form and cheering them up when they’re miserable.”

The loner


Katie, 30, artist and
marine conservationist
. A self-confessed “dreamer”, Katie has spent plenty of time camping on Skye, where she has moved from London in search of peace and quiet. “The social side will be the challenge here, rather than being outside,” she admits, although reckons she has “the least transferrable skills of anyone. Art comes after all the important infrastructure stuff.”

The pragmatist

Lloyd, 37, fisherman 
Essex man Lloyd is eager to learn the skills of his fellow community members while keeping the peace. “Everyone’s been specifically chosen to make this successful,” he says, “so it’s in everyone’s interests to not argue. Anyone who doesn’t go by that rule isn’t going to be very useful to us and that’ll have
to be dealt with.”

The observer

Jane, 41, camera crew. 
One of four embedded crew, Jane will also be expected to contribute to the community. While she’s looking forward to learning the skills of those around her, she’s worried about making it through the year. “I’ll really miss my friends and family,” she says, “and I’m not great in the cold and rain.” Her biggest concern? “Being on the other side of the camera. It will be absolutely horrendous…”

The earth mother

Jasmine, 24, traveller
. Brighton native Jasmine has lived in the Australian outback for six months, and was planning to volunteer in remote communities in New Zealand when Eden came calling. “Ever since I was a kid,” she says, “I’ve wanted to live in the wilderness.” She hopes to bring mindfulness and positive thinking to the community, believing “spirituality is a lot of stuff that science just hasn’t proved yet”.

The loose cannon

Raphael, 54, carpenter
. Anyone worried that Eden could be a bit dull should spend a few minutes chatting to Raph, one of several participants leaving a partner behind. “My wife will be watching to see what antics I get up to,”he says. “I could be the one that falls out with everybody because I can be outspoken.” While some dread the TV cameras, Raph is relishing the prospect. “I want to come out as the black Bear Grylls!”

Eden premieres 9pm Monday on Channel 4