Ed Balls did Gangnam Style one last time and it was as good as ever

A real Strictly classic


This Sunday’s Strictly Come Dancing may have seen us bid sad farewell to Ed Balls after 10 weeks of entertaining performances, but at least he said goodbye in the perfect way – with a reprise of his amazing “Gangnam Style” salsa.


Appearing with partner Katya Jones on Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two last night, Balls closed off the chat with a return to the Psy-inspired dance, which was his most popular performance when he displayed it two weeks ago.

The pair even managed to pull off a tricky lift, which in an earlier episode had seen Balls almost drop Jones mid-performance. Practice makes perfect, we guess…

Speaking more generally about his experience on the BBC show, Balls cited his wife Yvette Cooper and political journalist (and former Strictly contestant) Jeremy Vine as convincing him to join the series.

“They were so right,” he said. “Jeremy said to me in August, ‘The only way to do this is to throw yourself into it completely’. In retrospect, at the time, I had no idea what he meant.

“I think the first one was the Charleston, where I began to understand, and then The Mask… You’ve just got to commit and go for it. I’ve learned so much.”

Though he’s not so sure it’ll be his political comeback, as many have suggested…

“If I was thinking I was going to go back to politics, I’m not sure I would have [dressed up like] a Zoolander male model,” he said. “I’m just recovering from an amazing three months.

“I’m looking forward to what’s happening next year – maybe go on the Strictly tour. There are good things still to come!”

We’re sure that millions of Strictly fans will hold you to that, Ed.


Strictly Come Dancing continues on BBC1 this Saturday