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E4 seeking castaways for "supercharged" revival of reality series Shipwrecked

The desert island reality series is coming back...

Published: Tuesday, 22nd May 2018 at 12:39 pm

Seminal Channel 4 reality series Shipwrecked is returning after seven years, with a new "supercharged" 15-part series set to air on E4 – and the broadcaster is on the look-out for contestants who fancy setting up camp on a gorgeous tropical island...


...any takers?

You can apply here (ignore the link in the tweet below, which is incorrect).

For those who don't know what T4 was, and didn't spend their Sunday mornings during the first decade of the 21st century watching Shipwrecked (along with the Hollyoaks omnibus), the series brought together a group of not-too-shabby-looking young people to take part in a survivalist adventure / popularity competition.

The new version will follow the format of more recent series, in which two separate islands – Shark and Tiger – aim to win over new arrivals with the quality of their living facilities, their tribe ethos and their snazzy team necklaces, with the largest tribe at the end being crowned winners.

The "supercharged" element of the new series appears to be the fact that "this time the islands will hold secrets, hidden treasures and tempting traps that could change the islanders’ winning hopes".


No confirmation yet on when the new series will air, although with filming taking place this summer we understand it could be sometime next year.

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