Drag Race UK’s Gothy Kendoll reveals dramatic transformation after appearing on the show

RadioTimes.com chatted to the Leicester drag star about her time and insecurities on the BBC competition – Warning: contains spoilers for Drag Race UK episode one


Despite hitting the show with her dark and shadowy realness, Gothy Kendoll found herself the first queen shantaying away from the Drag Race UK contest.


Although only gracing our screens for one hour, Gothy earned a new legion of fans after opening up about her anxieties on the show. In particular, the 22-year-old revealed how insecurities with the appearance of her teeth had led to some major confidence problems.

Viewers, however, showed their support on Twitter for Gothy’s look.

“It’s nice to have the support of fans saying ‘You are you – you’ve got nothing to feel bad about!’” Gothy, real-name Sam Handley, exclusively told RadioTimes.com after her exit.

But Gothy also revealed that she’s had her teeth reconstructed since leaving Drag Race UK. “I’ve not had them done like full-on Simon Cowell – they’ve still got a bit of personality – they’re not just a piece of paper!” she said.

“My confidence has changed – I can get on stage and talk and there’s a big difference. I’m not always covering my mouth when I’m talking or being quiet because I’m insecure.”

She added: “But watching the show, you couldn’t see it anyway and I didn’t have anything to be nervous about!”

Drag Race Gothy - before and after
Drag Race UK’s Gothy – before and after

Gothy also said she has no problems with resident judge Alan Carr comparing her drag to an estate agent’s style. “I didn’t have a problem with it and it came from a place of humour and I think that’s the most important thing… He can say what he wants, but he’s probably sitting there in a Topman suit!”

Shade indeed!


A new episode of Drag Race UK is available to watch on BBC iPlayer, 8pm each Thursday