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Meet the cast of BBC2's Don't Forget The Driver

Detectorists star Toby Jones leads an all-star cast in his new BBC2 dark comedy

Published: Tuesday, 14th May 2019 at 9:18 pm

Toby Jones' dark comedy series Don't Forget The Driver follows Peter Green, a coach driver who one day stumbles across a body on the normally tranquil shores of Bognor Beach before meeting a mysterious stranger, sending Peter's life into turmoil.


Here's everything you need to know about the show's cast.

Toby Jones plays Peter Green

Toby Jones plays Peter Green (BBC Pictures)

Who is Peter? Peter is a single parent living in Bognor Regis with his daughter, Kayla. He and Kayla's mum are estranged, and we don't know much about the circumstances surrounding their separation, except that (according to Kayla), Peter's ex lives in Birmingham.

Peter works as a driver for Bassett’s coaches and is a twin, but because his brother Barry lives in Australia, the burden of looking after Joy, his elderly and confused mother, falls on his shoulders.

Of his role as Peter, Toby Jones said: "He takes his job very seriously. He has to be responsible about timings. He has to worry about the safety of strangers. He has to take care in life. These responsibilities weigh quite heavily on him."

Where have I seen Toby Jones before? Jones played Lance Slater in the hit BBC comedy Detectorists, written by Jones' co-star Mackenzie Crook. He's also starred in a number of high-profile films including Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Hunger Games, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and Dad's Army, and provided the voice of Dobby the House Elf in the Harry Potter film franchise. On TV screens, he's also been seen playing Alfred Hitchcock in The Girl, Neil Baldwin in Marvellous, Roger Yount in BBC1's Capital, and Culverton Smith in Sherlock episode The Lying Detective.

Erin Kellyman plays Kayla

Erin Kellyman plays Kayla (BBC Pictures)

Who is Kayla? Kayla is Peter Green's daughter. She's unhappy living in Bognor, and feels unsure about her future, believing herself to be a misfit.

"She struggles with her identity a lot," Erin Kellyman said of her character. "She’s not quite happy where she is, but also doesn’t know what she wants to do."

Where have I seen Erin Kellyman before? Kellyman played Enfys Nest, leader of the rebel Cloud Riders, in Solo: A Star Wars Story. You might also recognise her from BBC1's Les Miserables, in which she played Eponine, and as Cathy in Raised By Wolves.

Claire Rushbrook plays Fran

Claire Rushbrook plays Fran (BBC Pictures)

Who is Fran? Another local Bognor resident, Fran owns a burger and chip van based on a motorway lay-by. Peter often stops by for a morning coffee and a sausage sandwich, and the pair have a close relationship.

Where have I seen Claire Rushbrook before? Claire Rushbrook plays Rae's Mum in the comedy My Mad Fat Diary and DCI Marilyn Marchant in No Offence. She's also appeared in Requiem, Home Fires and Kiri.

Marcia Warren plays Joy

Marcia Warren plays Joy (BBC Pictures)

Who is Joy? Joy is mother to twins Peter and Barry (both played by Toby Jones), and is grandmother to Kayla. She lives in a bungalow alone, which is proving difficult as she's increasingly forgetful.

"Joy has got a touch of Alzheimer’s — and as I’ve got twins in the show, it is very difficult for me to tell them apart," Marcia Warren said of her character.

Where have I seen Marcia Warren before? Two-time Olivier winner Marcia Warren has starred in Vicious and Inside Number 9. She's also appeared in Agatha Raisin, Sherlock, Quacks, Josh, and Leap Year.

Jo Eaton-Kent plays Bradley

Jo Eaton-Kent plays Bradley (BBC Pictures)

Who is Bradley? Bradley is non-binary, and Kayla's best friend. They work at a funeral parlour, and sees their future in Bognor, although they are supportive of Kayla's dream to move away from the seaside town.

"Brad and Kay are best mates," Jo Eaton-Kent said. "They are fire and ice – like all good dynamic duos. I’m the ice to Kayla’s fire. Kayla, Brad and Rita are probably the weirdest people in Bognor Regis! We’re the dream team of weird."

Where have I seen Jo Eaton-Kent before? Don't Forget The Driver is Jo Eaton-Kent's first major onscreen role, after a walk-on part in The Romanoffs. They are also due to star alongside Anne-Marie Duff and Arthur Darvill in Sweet Charity at the Donmar Warehouse.

Luwam Teklizgi plays Rita

Luwam Teklizgi plays Rita (BBC Pictures)

Who is Rita? Rita is a 19 year old Eritrean woman who journeys to the UK and finds herself in Bognor under unexpected circumstances.

Where have I seen Luwam Teklizgi before? This is Luwam Teklizgi's first major onscreen role.

Danny Kirrane plays Squeaky Dave

Danny Kirrane plays Squeaky Dave (BBC Pictures)

Who is Squeaky Dave? Dave is a fellow Bassetts coach driver. He's a bit of a womaniser and can be lazy, leaving Peter to clean out the coach after the pair go on a trip to Dunkirk.

Where have I seen Danny Kirrane before? Kirrane played the Stark soldier brave (or stupid) enough to try to turn Arya Stark away from Winterfell in the latest season of Game of Thrones. He's also starred in Informer, Peterloo and Wasted.

Bharti Patel plays Manju

Bharti Patel plays Manju (BBC Pictures)

Who is Manju? Manju is neighbour to Joy Green, Peter's mum. She's very generous with her time, despite Joy's occasional hostility.

Where have I seen Bharti Patel before? Patel is probably best known for playing Ruhma Carter in the TV series Doctors. She's also starred in What A Girl Wants and Honeycomb Lodge.

Dino Kelly plays Lech (BBC Pictures)

Who is Lech? Lech is a homeless and charming Polish mechanic, and Peter tolerates him sleeping in his coach at night.

Where have I seen Dino Kelly before? Kelly played Goliath in Peaky Blinders, and has also starred in Silent Witness and Berlin Station.


The six-part series will begin on BBC2 at 10pm on Tuesday 9th April and will continue weekly.


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