Don’t budge from your sofa, ‘binge-watch’ is officially Word of The Year 2015

Collins has legitimised your need to take in as much TV as you can in as short a time as possible

Love spending your time flaked out on the sofa or in bed powering through box sets or TV series on demand? Enjoy a House of Cards or Game of Thrones marathon?


That’s totally legitimate now because everyone who’s anyone is doing it too: ‘Binge-watching’ is officially THE word of 2015, according to Collins Dictionary.

Series Link, Netflix, iPlayer and, of course, the staple box set have changed the way we watch TV and talk of ‘binge-watching’ is up some 200% on 2014″ the dictionary powers that be revealed.

‘Dadbod’ also gets an honourable mention on their list of rapidly rising words and while we’re not sure if there’s an actual correlation between the two, all that time spent sitting on the couch could have something to do with it.

Then again ‘clean eating’ is up there too, so it’s clearly possible to binge with the best intentions.


Swipe – as in Tinder swiping – and ‘manspreading’ have also made the cut, along with ‘contactless’, ‘ghosting’, ‘transgender’, ‘shaming’ and ‘Corbynomics’, all of which will be added to