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Dom Joly planning Trigger Happy TV revival that's “bigger and more cinematic in scope”

Channel 4 confirms it wants to bring back the prank show for a series of online shorts – and the comedian tells that there will be a more satirical edge with politicians and celebrities in the firing line

Published: Monday, 1st June 2015 at 10:38 am

Dom Joly’s cult Channel 4 comedy Trigger Happy TV looks like it is making a comeback after 12 years.


The broadcaster says that it is in talks about resurrecting the prank-fest that last aired in 2003 for a series of online short-form videos available on catch-up service All 4.

Joly also confirmed that he is in talks about the new series, telling that he wants to make the new run “bigger and more cinematic in scope” than the TV series which was best remembered for his massive trilling mobile phone which he would bring out at inopportune moments – such as during a classical concert - and bellow “HELLO!”

Other memorable sketches include Joly dressed in a huge snail costume crawling across a zebra crossing.

“It’s early days and we haven’t signed a deal yet but my hope is to make it quite bigger and cinematic in scope,” he revealed.

“They will be short films but more targeted at things and have a more satirical edge. There will be certain targets and themes, but not in a boring way of course.”

He said that politicians and celebrities may be in the firing line and he is also keen to explore the subject of “surveillance society” which has grown up since Trigger Happy TV last aired.

“These are things that really piss me off,” he laughed.

“I like the idea of releasing stuff on the web that goes around the world at the same time. If that possibility had existed when we did Trigger Happy TV last time I would have done that – set up a YouTube channel or something.”

He said he wasn’t worried about pranks falling through because he is now more recognisable since his first brush with fame.

“I won’t be in all of these and I did Fool Britannia for ITV after Trigger Happy TV and it wasn’t a problem. There will be prosthetics and costumes as well."

Joly expects to make a pilot first which will film in June or July before a full series is made.



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